History of the National MSME Clinics

In 2017, the Federal Government launched the first MSME clinic in Aba, Abia state, an interactive programme that pulls together state governments, MSME stakeholders/operators, federal government agencies and officials with an agenda to boost the MSME sector through strategic collaboration.

The clinics were developed to support the ease of doing business in Nigeria by providing shared facilities with access to broadband connectivity, automation of processes, credit facilities, a one-stop-shop, among others. This was in line with the National Digital Economy Policy and strategy for a digital nigeria launched and unveiled by His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari. 

Since inception over thirty MSME clinics have been held across the country and there is measurable impact in the sector highlighting the economic  importance of building the SME sector.

The Expanded National MSME Clinics

MSME Clinics serve as a bridge between the Federal Government, State Government and small businesses in each State. It does this by bringing all relevant regulatory agencies whose work impacts the business experience of small businesses together in one place to consult and solve problems over a one to two-day period. 

In line with the renewed hope Agenda to eradicate poverty, the Expanded MSME clinics will focus on providing a platform for MSMES to Exhibit businesses, gain Access to on-site investments as well as develop the five core areas of MSME development which are; FUNDING, SKILL DEVELOPMENT, INFRASTRUCTURE, ACCESS TO MARKETS and TECHNOLOGY.

Sustainable programs, projects and interventions will be carved out of these core areas to drive growth and job creation within the sector. The first edition of the Expanded MSME Clinics took place on the 8th of January 2024, in Benue State.

National MSME Awards

The MSME Awards is an annual event held during the week-long National MSME week. It is an event that is tailored to honor outstanding indigenous MSMEs. During the MSME week, a National MSME clinic, business showcases, business lectures as well as a gala night is held to encourage MSMEs across the country.

The MSME awards began in August 2018 and consequently in June the following years. So far, there have been five award ceremonies with over 40 verifiable winners. In the past years, winners in the different categories have gone home with various prizes that have impacted their businesses and profiles – cash prizes, cars, and of course local and international media attention. The reward for the awards has also increased from an initial 1-star prize which was a car in 2018 for the MSME of the Year winner to 10 cars in all categories. This is to underscore the significant improvement established between the private sector and the Federal Government over the years.